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INTORQ are world leaders in spring applied brakes with electromagnetic actuation, also electromagnetic energise-to-engage clutches and brakes.  Aside from brake motors, INTORQ clutches and brakes are found in mechanical handling, cranes, hoists, lifts, industrial vehicles and wind turbines.  The company was created by management buy-out from Lenze SE and took over the Simplatroll branded products.

INTORQ clutches and brakes operate with friction engagement in either single pole face or rotating friction disc format.  Actuation is by DC voltage.  Spring applied brakes can be used for repreated dynamic braking, for holding duties and/or emergency stopping.  Disc designs use a rotating disc with friction material on each side.  Caliper designs clamp friction pads onto a rotating disc.  High standards of safety are achieved by accurate and robust production.  Further levels of safety integrity are available in models designed for hoists, cranes & lifts.

Energise to engage electromagnetic clutches & brakes have a single friction surface. Operation is fast and backlash free.

INTORQ also provide rectifiers to convert  AC voltage to suitable DC voltage, and other electrical controls to speed engagement or release, also to reduce energy consumption.

INTORQ offer experience and expertise for electromagnetic brakes in particular market areas. The following brochures give an overview and further information is available on request.

Wind turbines

Passenger lifts

DC drive vehicles

Servo motor brakes

INTORQ at a glance

Products: electromagnetic brakes and clutches

Sales volume 45 million euros per year

800,000 units per year

8,000 m2 production area

Development and production in Aerzen, Germany

Companies in Shanghai and Atlanta

200 Employees

63 sales partners in 49 countries

Certified to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001

01234 753201