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Servomech are a leading specialist in Linear motion with a product range that includes electric linear actuators, screw jacks and ball screw systems.  Electric linear actuators are available in a lower force range 100 to 11000N, and a standard range 500 to 200000Nm with strokes up to 1.5m.  Electric motors can be AC, DC or servo for high speeds.  Screw jacks suit higher loads and are generally used for lower speeds and strokes from 100m to 6.0m.  Both travelling screw and travelling nut models are offered with a full range of options including motorised inputs.

Ball screw systems suit high precision motion with the capacity to achieve 2m/s linear speed over distances up to 5.7m.

Servomech was founded in 1989 in Bologna, northern Italy. Their philosophy is to manufacture the maximum possible content in-house.  This gives them control over quality, enables specials and short lead times.  A new factory was opened in 2003 with modern machine tools and controlled conditions for manufacturing precision ball screws.

Linear-Mech is a brand of Servomech.  The creation of the Linear Mech brand has allowed a team to specialise in the production of small low-cost actuators such as used in agricultural, industrial washing, fitness and medical applications.

Servomech linear actuators and screwjacks are used world wide in a remarkable diversity of products.  Examples are parcel diverters, stage lifts, door openers, cranes, solar panels, agricultural silos, military vehicles, lid lifting and all sorts of linear motion on industrial machinery.

Standard acme thread screw jacks
High performance ball screw jacks  
Servomech screw jacks deliver medium to high forces (5 to 1000kN) over strokes up to 6m.  Linear speeds are usually slow but up to 300mm/s is possible with  standard acme thread jacks at a duty cycle up to 40%.  Higher speeds up to 1m/s and duties to 100% are possible with ball screwjacks.  Both travelling screw and travelling nut configurations can be selected and there is a full range of matching options.

Screw jacks can be supplied with an integrated AC motor. Also multi-jack lifting systems complete with connecting gearboxes and couplings can be supplied.

Electric linear actuators product range>>
Linear-Mech actuators 200kN start with forces as low as 100N and Servomech go up to 200kN.  Speeds range from 1 to 875mm/s and strokes up to 1m.  Both acme screws and high efficiency ball screws are available.  Acme thread actuators suit duty cycles of 20-30%.  Higher duties up to 100% can be achieved using ball screw actuators.

Ball screw systems product range>>
Servomech manufacture in-house ball screws and nuts to DIN69051 with accuracy grades 3,5 and 7.  Ball screw systems are capable of high speeds and high precision positioning.  Screw diameters are 16 to 100mm with lengths up to 5.7m in stock.  Special nut  designs are possible.

Screw ends can be customised.  Screw pitches are from 5 to 40mm.