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Moenninghoff (more correctly Maschinenfabrik Mönninghoff GmbH) are specialist manufacturers of electromagnetic and pneumatic clutches and brakes, shaft flexible couplings, and torque limiters.

Particular areas of expertise are tooth clutches, tooth brakes, spring applied tooth clutches and multi-plate clutches and brakes.  Zero backlash shaft couplings are either torsionally soft rubber disc or torsionally rigid metal disc types.  Voice coil actuators are highly dynamic for short strokes.

The Moenninghoff company is based in the Ruhr area of Germany and was established in 1916.  A family owned business, they now employ 130 people with the factory at Bochum, Germany manufacturing clutches, brakes, torque limiters, couplings and actuators.  They also manufacture customised gearboxes.  Moenninghoff have been a partner to Lenze/Techdrives for 40 years.

Printing money, baking bread rolls, knitting pullovers, milling gear wheels, bottling beer, binding books, locking gates, filling cigarettes with tobacco, printing newspapers, weaving materials, labelling tubes, cutting foils, painting cars, tying sausages, sealing bags - for each sector of mechanical engineering Moenninghoff manufacture drive systems which are first and foremost aimed at solving customer’s problems.

Tooth clutches give a positive slip-free high torque transmission with models available for torques 10 to 16000Nm.  They can synchronise input to output and act as torque limiters.

Actuation is by DC voltage or pneumatic pressure..

Flexible shaft couplings are backlash free and are available in torsionally  soft or rigid designs.

Type 313 Hexaflex rubber disc couplings are robust, shafts 15-100mn metal disc couplings range from the type 328 Mini-Servoflex for shafts 4-24mm up to Arcoflex 25-120mm

moenninghoff clutches, brakes and shaft couplings metal disc coupling

Multi-plate clutches and brakes were frequently used in speed changing gearboxes.  Ideally they run in an oil splash environment but dry running is possible Torques 25 to 1600Nm.  Details on request.

multi-plate clutch