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The Hexaflex range of shaft couplings, available in the UK through Techdrives, is a rugged design with high misalignment capacity.  Suiting shafts from 15 to 95mm, rated torques are 100 to 2200Nm in six sizes.  The Hexaflex design is based on two aluminium hubs connected by bolts through a reinforced rubber central element.  The bolt connection means that the coupling is backlash-free and requires no lubrication or maintenance.

The rubber element is the key to the performance of the Hexaflex couplings.  Prior to moulding synthetic cord is looped around metal sleeves positioned at the six bolt holes..  This cord allows flexibility for high misalignments but prevents stretching which would reduce life.  The rubber moulding contains the cord and provides a surface finish but does not contribute to the strength.The result is capacity for up to 3º of angular misalignment and 5mm of axial misalignment, levels which can otherwise require the use of universal joints.  With materials that are resistant to dirt and water, Hexaflex couplings can be used outdoors, for example in agricultural watering systems.  Other typical applications are in brewery process machinery, winches, theatre drives and converting machinery.

Hexaflex couplings are available in shaft to shaft and shaft to flange designs with a single rubber element.  A double coupling design increases the misalignment capacity to 6°.  Alternatively customised spacer versions are available with a lightweight central tube to suit distances between the shaft ends of up to 3m.  Further details are available at

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Hexaflex couplings

Hexaflex couplings have aluminium hubs and re-enforced central elements