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ETP are specialists in the connection of shafts and hubs using friction instead of keyways.  Their products are called locking bushes but are also known as locking assemblies, locking elements, friction joints and bushings. The internal hydraulic principle results in fast fixing, easy adjustment and quick removal.  Connections are backlash free with high rigidity.

The demand for the shortest possible down-times during maintenance and repair, and thereby lower “life time costs” for the machine operator, can be realised thanks to the extremely short assembly and disassembly times.




ETP-Techno locking bushes

Suiting high precision assemblies and frequent dismantling, the ETP-Techno is available for shafts 15 to 100mm.

ETP-Mini locking bushes

A miniature mechanical locking bush for shaft sizes 6 to 14mm, also in stainless steel as the ETP-Mini R.

ETP-Classic locking bushes

 A well proven and economical bush that allows easy axial and radial setting, shaft sizes 15 to 100 mm.  Also in stainless steel, the ETP-Classic R is available to 50mm.

ETP-Express locking bushes

Ideal for fast fixing with a single radial fixing screw, shaft sizes 15 to 100mm.  A stainless steel version ETP-Express R is available to 50mm.

ETP-Hyloc locking bushes

This robust design heavy duty applications with shaft sizes 50 to 220mm.  Fitting and disassembly times are drastically reduced compared to keyways or taper alternatives.  

ETP locking bushes, also known as friction locking assemblies and friction joints give advantages at assembly and disassembly.  The single Screw express and Techno models are particularly easy and fast to use.  In all cases the ETP locking bush is enclosed and self-contained.

During assembly the ETP bush can readily be set to gently grip the shaft so that precise axial and radial positioning is possible.  During disassembly the self-contained designs return to their original dimensions making release simple.  ETP bushes can be remounted time and time again.

As ETP locking bushes remove the need for keyways,  shafts can be stronger or possibly smaller in diameter.  There are no points of high stress concentration.  The problem of key fretting on reversing drives is eliminated.