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News 2017 Friction Torque Limiters
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Friction torque limiters now delivered from UK stocks

Simple and low cost protection for machinery

March 2017

The DF range of friction torque limiters that provides simple and low cost machine protection is now available from UK stocks for same or next day delivery. Manufactured by Italian specialist ComInTec S.r.l. who have 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of torque limiters, the DF range covers torques from 1 to 23000Nm suiting shafts from 4 to 140mm diameter. Techdrives sell and support the range in the UK and now offer the first six sizes with rated torques up to 950Nm from stock.

These torque limiters suit offset drives by belt or chain, and in-line drives by combination with a flexible coupling. When an overload occurs the drive torque is maintained whilst the output side stalls, removing shock loads and preventing overload damage. As well as their simplicity in installation and use, DF torque limiters are bi-directional in operation and the slip torque is steplessly adjustable. Fine tuning of the slip torque is easily made by turning an axially mounted nut which can then be locked in position. More extreme adjustment can also be made by changing the number and orientation of the actuating disc springs.

A useful article “Understanding friction torque limiters” is available for free download on the Techdrives website, . The article covers a description of the DF range, how they work, how to use them and all the available options.


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