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new spring applied brakes
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Electromagnetic spring applied brakes are frequently found in difficult environments, for example cranes, wind turbines and car wash machinery.  The new BFK470 brake from INTORQ is designed to readily adapt to special and arduous conditions with standard options that are available and economic.  With a torque range of 40 to 250Nm and operating voltages from 24 to 250V DC, the BFK470 suits wet and dirty conditions, also extreme ambient temperatures.

Standard enclosure rating for the BFK470 is IP66 achieved through seals between the casing and the mounting surface.  A manual release lever is available, also a proximity switch to monitor brake status and both these options do not degrade the IP65 rating.  These brakes suit both static holding duties and dynamic braking.  The duty cycle rating is 100%.  To help with selection for different types of duties and loads there are five different brake disc options, all fitting within the standards dimensions.  This is the first time such options have been made standard.

Where quiet running is required a noise reduced brake disc can be selected.  This has a special coating to the axial splines that prevents rattle.  Extra-long service life can be achieved with a low wear option that delivers the same torques as the standard brake disc but with a limit on the maximum energy.  A high torque option gives +60% or more torque, ideal for holding brakes or where extra torque is needed with compact dimensions.  Where the machine is such that the brake cannot be bedded-in, a no running in option can be chosen.

The INTORQ BFK470 is proven under the temperature extremes required for wind turbines. A cold climate version is rated from -40 to +50ºC and high temperature brake discs can be specified where the friction energy is high.  INTORQ brakes are available in the UK through the Techdrives division of Lenze Ltd,

The new BFK470 brakes suit wet & dirty coniditinos, also extreme temperatures