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Building on the recent launch of the Panasonic MINAS GV brushless geared motors, two new models have been added to the MINAS range.  The GP geared motors suit 4-point positioning in a power range 50 to 130W.  The KV motors and drives give per-formance approaching servo levels but at low cost in a power range 50 to 750W.  All three MINAS ranges are particularly compact with motor lengths reduced by half and weights by 30%.  They give highly accurate speed holding over a wide range.  They are also energy efficient with typically 20% less losses than conventional motors.

GV general purpose models suit transport drives in check-weighers, inspection ma-chinery and other areas where precise speed holding is needed over a wide range.  Three sizes of motor at 50, 90 and 130W are combined with gearheads that have available ratios from 3 to 2000. MINAS brushless technology results in small sizes, for example the largest 130W geared motor with an output torque of 29Nm has a body length of only 125mm.  Torque is delivered with a flat characteristic so there are no starting shocks.  The drives are compact too – only 35mm wide.  They have RS485 comms, 1 analog input, 8 digital set speeds and optional analogue or digital keypads.

The new GP range looks much like the GV and shares many of the features.  Addi-tional is the ability to give 4-point positioning with smooth S-ramps.  This suits cases such as indexing, reciprocating drives and door drives.  Maximum rated torque is 18Nm and rated output speeds are 60 to 600 r/min.

The third MINAS model is the KV.  The motor looks much like a servo motor but the use of MINAS brushless technology results in lower costs.  Nevertheless the low iner-tia gives a highly dynamic drive with performance close to true servo levels.  The KV suits speed control and is particularly useful as an upgrade where stepper motor driv-en machines need higher performance.  There are five sizes from 50 to 750W and the speed control range is 100 to 4000 r/min.

These new Panasonic brushless drives have high performance in terms of speed holding and speed range. The new MINAS technology gives compact dimensions, energy efficiency and low cost too. Panasonic drive products are available in the UK through Techdrives,

Panasonic MINAS geared motors - compact and energy efficient