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Evaluation and proposal of solutions
Normally this is an essential stage of any project and we like to work in partnership with you. Our skilled and experienced application engineers will evaluate your performance requirements and apply the Rightsizing concept to achieve the optimum economic solution. They are aided by our dimensioning software DSD Drive Solution Designer which predicts motion profiles and energy requirements, even for complex multi-axis applications.

The control cabinet
We offer standard steel cabinets, stainless steel and IP65 enclosure minimising size and selecting shape to reduce your machine footprint.
Consoles are possible with operator controls.

Touchscreen colour visualisation is available from 4.3 to 24 inches.  Larger sizes can have multi-touch technology.  Screens can be panel mounted or built into an IP65 enclosed pendant.

Standard and custom software
Lenze has standard and low cost software solutions ready for you. PLC Designer uses CoDeSys3 for machine control. L-force Engineer is based around the drive requirements. VisiWinNET looks after your visualisation requirements. Where you require help with applying these programs, or require a custom extension to suit your machine, we can assist by either training your engineers or by writing the software.

Industrial PCs and PLC controllers
Lenze offers both industrial PCs and PLCs that can be DIN rail mounted or combined with visualisation.

The drives
Main options here are the i700 for multi-axis requirements, the 9400 servo where top end performance is needed and the 8400 range of frequency inverters.

The mechanics
As part of the complete package we can provide mechatronic components such as motors and geared motors with the necessary cabling.

Services after the panel build.
Sometimes customers will ask us to install the panel on site.  If this is outside of the UK we may bring in other parts of the worldwide Lenze Group.
Commissioning, especially for new designs, will normally be done with our engineers on site.  Here the single source of responsibility is a great aid to speeding the process.  Where you require operator training, we are happy to help.




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