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Linear motion
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Type MR rotary actuators are a compact and simple solution for rotary positioning.  These are three models comprising dc geared motors with an integrated encoder or potentiometer combined with a worm gearbox.  This creates a cost-effective solution for positioning in varied applications such as cameras, lighting , windows, sun blinds and positioning screens.


There are three models available:

MR15 output torque 3Nm, nominal output speeds 500 or 200 r/min, encoder outputs 11 to 116 pulses per output turn.

MR31 output torque 15Nm, nominal output speeds 190 or 60 r/min, encoder outputs 11 to 116 pulses per output turn.

MR40FC with the same performance as the MR31 but fitted with stroke limit switches that can be set between 20 to 140 turns and a 5K Ohm potentiometer.

These geared rotary actuators are manufactured by Linear-Mech using standard components from their actuator range.  Details are given on pages 62 to 65 of their catalogue.

In all cases motors can be 12 or 24V, enclosure is to IP65 and gearboxes are grease lubricated for maintenance free operation. Encoder outputs are 2 channel for positioning or speed feedback.

Special designs are available for volume enquiries.




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