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A new 44 page catalogue from Techdrives covers 14 different types of flexible shaft couplings plus shaft collars and universal joints. It is freely available as a 2 MB download or as a paper version on request. Coupling bores range from 3 to 150mm, generally for keyway connection but backlash-free clamp hub connections are also offered in many cases. Rated torques begin at 0.4Nm for the smallest couplings and extend to 23000Nm for the largest. The PDF version of the catalogue is bookmarked for easy navigation.

The Techdrives range includes three-piece jaw and oldham couplings that are torsionally soft. These are ideal for simple machinery where accurate synchronisation is not needed, and have the advantage of dampening vibrations. There are three types of one-piece all metal couplings – beam, bellows and spring types. These give varying amounts of stiffness and the one-piece design means that they are backlash free. Finally metal disc couplings give high rigidity with backlash free designs suiting high speeds and precise transmission of motion. Both torsionally soft and metal disc couplings can be supplied as spacer couplings in customised lengths up to 6m long.

As well as shaft couplings the new catalogue includes universal joints and collars. The universal joints are designed for machine applications with bores from 6 to 50mm and they are available with single, double and telescopic designs. Shaft collars are offered in steel or stainless steel, and as a one piece clamp collar or a two piece split collar. In both designs careful attention is paid to the machining to ensure squareness of the faces to the bore.

The new catalogue gives dimensional and performance data plus part numbers. There is also a selection guide with drive formula and a tabular overview or the range to make choosing the right coupling easy. The catalogue can be downloaded from the Techdrives website or designers and specifiers can request a copy by mail.

The new A4 page Techdrives catalogue for shaft couplings and universal joints